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List on VRBO – Be a Successful Host on VRBO

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) is a popular platform that allows property owners to rent out their homes or apartments to travelers looking for a unique and personalized vacation experience. As a VRBO host, you have the opportunity to earn extra income while sharing your space with others. However, being a successful VRBO host requires more than just listing your property on the platform.

In this article, we will explore the key elements of successful VRBO hosting; How to list on VRBO, create an attractive listing. and providing a memorable guest experience.

Understanding the VRBO Platform: A Beginner’s Guide

VRBO is an online marketplace that connects property owners with travelers looking for short-term rentals. The platform allows hosts to list their properties, set their own prices, and communicate with guests directly. VRBO charges a commission fee for each booking, but hosts have the flexibility to manage their own listings and bookings.

To get started on VRBO, you will need to create a listing for your property. This includes providing detailed information about your space, including photos, amenities, and pricing. Once your listing is live, travelers can search for properties that meet their criteria and book directly through the platform. As a host, you will have the opportunity to review guest profiles and communicate with them before accepting a booking.

One of the benefits of using VRBO as a host is the ability to reach a large audience of travelers. The platform has millions of users worldwide, making it a popular choice for vacation rentals. Additionally, VRBO offers tools and resources to help hosts manage their listings and bookings, including a mobile app and customer support.

Creating a Winning VRBO Listing: Tips and Tricks

Creating a good listing is essential for attracting potential guests and standing out from the competition. Your listing should be detailed, accurate, and visually appealing. Here are some tips for creating an attractive VRBO listing:

– Use high-quality photos: Your photos should showcase your property in the best possible light. Use a professional photographer if possible, and make sure your photos are well-lit and show off the best features of your space.
– Provide detailed descriptions: Be sure to include detailed descriptions of your property, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and any special features. Use descriptive language to help guests imagine themselves in your space.
– Highlight your location: Your location can be a major selling point for your property. Be sure to highlight any nearby attractions or amenities, such as beaches, restaurants, or shopping.
– Set competitive prices: Your pricing should be competitive with other properties in your area. Use VRBO’s pricing tools to help you set the right price for your space.

In addition to these tips, there are also some tricks you can use to stand out from the competition. For example, consider offering special deals or discounts for longer stays, or providing extra amenities such as bicycles or beach chairs.

Setting the Right Price for Your VRBO Rental

Setting the right price for your rental is essential for attracting guests and maximizing your income. There are several factors to consider when setting your price, including your location, the size and amenities of your property, and the time of year. Here are some tips for pricing your rental competitively:

– Research the market: Look at other properties in your area to see what they are charging for similar rentals. Use this information to help you set your own prices.
– Consider seasonal demand: Prices can vary depending on the time of year. For example, you may be able to charge more during peak travel season or for holidays.
– Offer discounts for longer stays: Consider offering discounts for guests who book longer stays, as this can help you fill your calendar and maximize your income.
– Use VRBO’s pricing tools: VRBO offers tools to help you set the right price for your rental. Use these tools to help you stay competitive and attract more guests.

It’s also important to be flexible with your pricing and adjust it based on demand. For example, if you are having trouble filling your calendar, you may want to lower your prices temporarily to attract more guests.

Managing Your VRBO Calendar: Best Practices

Managing your VRBO calendar is essential for maximizing your occupancy and income. Your calendar should be up-to-date and accurate, with clear information about availability and pricing. Here are some tips for keeping your calendar up-to-date:

– Block off unavailable dates: Be sure to block off any dates when your property is unavailable, such as when you are using it yourself or when you have scheduled maintenance or repairs.
– Update your pricing: Your pricing should be accurate and up-to-date. Use VRBO’s pricing tools to help you adjust your prices based on demand.
– Respond to booking requests promptly: When you receive a booking request, be sure to respond promptly to avoid losing potential guests.
– Use automated tools: VRBO offers automated tools to help you manage your calendar, such as automatic booking acceptance and cancellation policies.

By keeping your calendar up-to-date and responding promptly to booking requests, you can maximize your occupancy and income.

Communicating with Guests: Dos and Don’ts

Good communication is essential for providing a positive guest experience and avoiding misunderstandings or conflicts. As a VRBO host, you should be responsive and professional in your communication with guests. Here are some dos and don’ts for communicating with guests:


  • Respond promptly to messages and booking requests
  • Be friendly and welcoming in your communication
  • Provide clear and accurate information about your property and amenities
  • Offer recommendations for local attractions or restaurants
  • Follow up after check-in to ensure guests are satisfied with their stay


  • Use unprofessional or offensive language
  • Ignore guest messages or requests
  • Provide inaccurate or misleading information about your property
  • Overpromise and underdeliver on amenities or services
  • Be unresponsive or unhelpful if guests have issues or complaints

By following these dos and don’ts, you can provide a positive guest experience and build a good reputation as a VRBO host.

Providing a Memorable Guest Experience: From Check-In to Check-Out

Providing a memorable guest experience is essential for earning positive reviews and repeat bookings. As a VRBO host, you should strive to exceed guest expectations and provide a personalized and welcoming experience. Here are some tips for providing a memorable guest experience:

– Be available for questions or concerns: Make yourself available to guests throughout their stay, and be responsive to their questions or concerns.
– Provide a welcome package: Consider providing a welcome package with information about your property, local attractions, and recommendations for restaurants or activities.
– Offer personalized touches: Consider offering personalized touches such as fresh flowers or a welcome note to make guests feel special.
– Provide high-quality amenities: Your amenities should be high-quality and well-maintained, including linens, towels, and kitchen supplies.
– Follow up after check-out: Follow up with guests after their stay to thank them for choosing your property and to ask for feedback.

By providing a memorable guest experience, you can earn positive reviews and build a good reputation as a VRBO host.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your VRBO Property: Essential Tasks

Keeping your VRBO property clean and well-maintained is essential for providing a positive guest experience and avoiding negative reviews. Here are some essential cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep in mind:

– Clean thoroughly between guests: Your property should be thoroughly cleaned between each guest, including all surfaces, linens, and towels.
– Check for damage or wear and tear: Check your property regularly for any damage or wear and tear, and address any issues promptly.
– Maintain appliances and equipment: Your appliances and equipment should be well-maintained and in good working order.
– Provide basic supplies: Provide basic supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies for guests to use during their stay.

By staying on top of cleaning and maintenance tasks, you can provide a clean and well-maintained property for your guests.

Dealing with Difficult Guests: How to Handle Common Issues

Dealing with difficult guests can be challenging, but it’s important to handle these situations professionally and calmly. Here are some common issues that may arise with guests, and strategies for handling them:

– Late check-in or check-out: If a guest is running late for check-in or check-out, be flexible and accommodating if possible.
– Noise complaints: If a guest is being too loud, remind them of your house rules and ask them to keep the noise down.
– Damage to property: If a guest damages your property, document the damage and communicate with them about how to address the issue.
– Complaints about cleanliness: If a guest complains about cleanliness, address the issue promptly and offer to have the property cleaned again if necessary.
– Disputes over payment: If there is a dispute over payment, communicate with the guest and try to resolve the issue amicably.

By handling difficult situations professionally and calmly, you can avoid negative reviews and maintain a good reputation as a VRBO host.

Maximizing Your VRBO Income: Additional Revenue Streams

In addition to renting out your property, there are several additional revenue streams you can explore as a VRBO host. Here are some ideas for maximizing your income:

– Offer additional services: Consider offering additional services such as airport transportation, grocery delivery, or housekeeping for an additional fee.
– Partner with local businesses: Partner with local businesses such as restaurants or tour companies to offer discounts or packages for your guests.
– Rent out additional space: If you have additional space on your property, consider renting it out as a separate rental or as a shared space.
– Offer experiences: Consider offering experiences such as cooking classes or guided tours for an additional fee.

By exploring additional revenue streams, you can maximize your income as a VRBO host.

The VRBO industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and innovations emerging all the time. As a VRBO host, it’s important to stay up-to-date on these trends and innovations to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some trends and innovations to keep in mind:

– Smart home technology: Smart home technology such as keyless entry and automated lighting can provide a more convenient and personalized guest experience.
– Sustainable practices: Guests are increasingly interested in sustainable practices such as recycling and energy-efficient appliances.
– Virtual reality tours: Virtual reality tours can provide a more immersive and interactive experience for potential guests.
– Personalized recommendations: Providing personalized recommendations for local attractions or restaurants can help guests feel more connected to the community.

By staying ahead of the competition and embracing new trends and innovations, you can attract more guests and provide a better guest experience.


Becoming a successful VRBO host requires attention to detail, good communication skills, and a commitment to providing a positive guest experience. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can create an attractive listing, set the right price, provide a memorable guest experience, and maximize your income. Whether you are a seasoned VRBO host or just getting started, there are always new opportunities to improve and grow your business.

Oliver P. Harrison

As short-term rental enthusiast for over ten years, I decided to create OwnerBoost. I wanted to share knowledge and experience with other hosts who are eager to grow their businesses. My passion for the industry has driven me to help others in the community succeed and thrive as well.